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In the wonderful world of Pokémon, our protagonist is an aspiring champion and a talented photographer. From a very young age, he has dreamed of becoming the best trainer and capturing the most incredible images of the creatures that inhabit this fascinating universe.

One day, the protagonist receives a letter from his father. In it, his father expresses his pride and confidence in his ability to achieve his dreams. In addition, he reveals that he will help Professor Oak publish an article about his research.

This is where your adventure to fulfill your dreams in the fantastic world of Pokemon begins!

This is only a demo. This game is still in development and the story, along with the characters, may undergo major changes.

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StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Dating Sim, Hentai, pokemon, Singleplayer


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So much potential. Besides the ending where the mom fucks a machoke I enjoyed it alot. If the game does continue I hope the main character himself also gets some sex sceans and there will be dialog options that change the story and what sex sceans happen.

any news? Is it abandoned?

i think its abondoned


Lol didn't read the fine print saying this was a demo. It has potential to be a great game. Hope you decide to stick with this and develop it into a full game. Looking forward to it if you do. The reference to leaf surprised me and had me laughing.


new version pls


so any news on a new version? hope it goes on like it is now. the last scene was so funny...


which to download on laptop


the pc version


W game that's all i have to say


Is there going to be any gay or futa stuff?


Not a bad idea, although I would have to see which characters could be.

Ngl there are plenty games better yhan this so I hope u will hear my plead make a game in which u can bang pokemon and only pokemon pls there's not a single game like that

Show post...

Shitty cuck game, not a romance one, dont waste your time.


dude, don´t become the type of dev that have 50 unfinished games... you need to finish one first before lauching more.


If the game goes well, will it be translated into other languages?







Wait are you going to be abandoning your other projects?


No, I just released a demo, while I continue with Naruto Trainer.


so question how many characters are planned I’m curious about how many characters you will do also how long does it take to make a character


I'm not sure yet how many characters there will be.But I want at least the most important characters from the 9 regions to be there.


plus the orange archipelago.