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Realm of Lust It is a visual novel in which we embody a young magician in a kingdom where this art is forbidden by royal decree.

We will enter a fantasy world full of waifus in which our actions will decide the future of the empire.

-The default language is Spanish,  You can change the language in the "Options" or "Options"

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All characters are 18 years old

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, Male protagonist, NSFW, Romance


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RealmOfLust-0.1-pc.zip 278 MB
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com.lccty.realoflust-release.apk 260 MB


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Great game! That cliffhanger at the end though makes me mad but it is what it is. Dev we need you!! 😣

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So, is it abandoned?



That is a relief, i thought it was because it was last updated apr 13, 2023


When is part 2

Me atrapaste


will you add cat girls?

anyways great game


I wish i can have fun with the queen but devs was busy irl i think and update was really slow, to be honest this game is amazing because the background was different with other game, while other game MC living in modern city but this game is like Isekai anime.


When update?

Hi, I don't have a clear date at the moment.

I am very busy these weeks


Any progress?

Discord server link is broken


Thank you very much for letting me know

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Discord link is  not working here  saying it has expired but ots working from naruto one 

Deleted 1 year ago
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Fuck off cuck


hopefully no ntr content.


Great game i love the plot :D


thanks, I'm glad you like the game :D


Will this game have ntr if so please add a button to skip it ty:)


hello  KumaKuma435! <3

I don't know if it would be a good idea to add a skip button, I think the best thing in that case would be for the player to simply not get involved and continue with the story and unlock another ending.


does it have pregnancy fetishes


hello Rodolfo24, sure. although it will be available in future updates

Can you say what fetishes your game has?


Fixed a few typos with the main interface.

  • Standard Ren'Py layout.  This happens when you translate the main files from English to Spanish then back to English.  Start instead of Star.
  • Edited Main Menu layout.
  • More Options to play around with like toggling the textbox and quick menu.
  • For Ren'Py input added an extra _( ) so it will translate the name prompt.
    $ Lorenzo = renpy. input(_("Your Name"),default = "Lorenzo", length = 10)
  • Added language selection on first run so English player don't have to figure out Spanish.
  • For buttons have a difference between idle and hover as it tells the player that the object can be interacted with.
  • When releasing make sure to go into options.rpy and change the version number.
  • Put your name in the About section however you'll have to do the translation back to Spanish.


You can review what I changed with https://winmerge.org


hello jadih96207, I love it!

I was thinking of changing the menu, although I would make some small changes to your idea.

-add imagesbuttons.

-change the background to a gif, (although I still don't know which character).

- a few more things like the size of the letters.


Great though you might have better luck with a movie background.  Don't see too many using gifs for that but if it works for you awesome.


I added a special thank you for you

I hope you don't mind if I use your design.


Buenas bro, te sigo desde Naruto Trainer. Estaba echando un poco de menos no tener elecciones, para los encuentros con la bandido principalmente ([ir por 300/pedir un pago "extra"] podría haber sido una, por ejemplo), por suerte aparecieron un par en la segunda mitad. Torción Testicular Terminal, jaja

Me parece super interesante la historia personal del MC, especialmente si te vas por un lado moral, ¿ira a buscar venganza contra el imperio por la masacre o lo dejara ir? 

Vas por bien camino diría, ojala en el futuro uno tenga varias oportunidades de decidir con quien se acuesta y a quien mata jaja


Muchas gracias por tu apoyo!, estoy muy contento de que les guste esta nueva visual novel <3

Me diste una idea, de agregar una barra de "Moral" o algo por el estilo. aunque de momento no tiene sentido que nuestro personaje busque venganza, ya que aun no conoce de su pasado, eso sera agregado en futuras actualizaciones!.

talvez visitemos a nuestra madrasta en "el mas alla" ;)


Is there an English option?


yea, in "opciones" you can change it to the english